Virtual Army Experience?

Just what in the hell is this?

I always knew their US army had its ways of indoctrination (like any army) and loved equating real combat to video games, but this? this is ridiculous. They are trying to make war (i.e – death, killing, people die in front of you, getting blood on your hands) look like REAL ULTIMATE FUN RIDE ON THE HAPPY ROLLERCOASTER.

From this article, this statement is priceless:

“Events like LAN parties are useful because we want [the recruits] to see the recruiters as regular folks, like themselves… and to help future soldiers to stay the course,”

Wrong. What it really does is at some level get kids to equate real-life war with a video game. What you’re telling the public is: “You want to know what its like to be in the army? Play this really cool video game.”