TAT – If Dali was a mobile UI developer

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It’s somewhat of a hot topic. Smart-phones and the entire OS/app/social media/advertising ecosystem thing. Some websites talk a hell of a lot about it. Everyone talks about it to some extent or the other. The king of the jungle is of course, the Iphone.

The iphone is always hot news. Someone recently mentioned on facebook that it’s ubiquity has reached a level where people now say “Call me on my iphone” or “My iphone is out of battery” instead of the earlier “My phone..” or “my mobile…” (if you’re inclined to being European).

One of the aspects of the Iphone that seems to keep it inexorably above the competition is the quality of the UI. Even I, an avowed anti-fan of the “sighphone” must give credit where it’s due. iOS is a better UI than Android and the living breathing horror that is WinMo.

Well, the Iphone UI is not all that. I came across this Swedish? company that makes mobile UIs called TAT. TAT stands for “The Astonishing Tribe” and the tribe claims to offer:

….products and services that differentiate and enhance the user experience of portable devices.

Simply put, they claim to add “Wow” to mobile user interfaces. And they live up to their claim.

TAT has released a new mobile UI, compatible with Android and Meebo, called “Velvet”. Best described by the video below:

More here. and here

It is, simply put, stunning.

TAT also released this amazing ad on future of mobile UIs as they see it:

Looks very cool. Here’s hoping that some of these ideas become reality. and soon.

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Apple and their patent – Part 2

Apple vs Palm. Only on pay-per-view.

Or not, if engadget’s analysis is to be believed. While it may be true that an Apple lawsuit may not have a leg to stand up unless someone mimics Apple’s scrolling system, everyone who thinks Apple will try anyway raise your hands.

It provides me pleasure that Palm’s got even more ammo on Apple (apparently) than vice-versa. Maybe they’ll leave each other alone and actually spend money on new products for us instead.

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Apple patents multitouch tech

As reported here on Slashdot and BetaNews. Apple has a propensity of IPR overprotection. How is this going to bode for touch? we’ll know soon enough.

My take: This is stupid. beyond stupid. what’s apple going to patent next? use of the color white with respect to consumer electronics? How about the letter ‘I’? Innovation is dependent on completely exploring the scope of a concept before moving on to the next. Processor were pushed to their limits before multi-core processors came out. Anyone who thinks Apple retarding progress on touch technology (which they assuredly will do) is a good thing say ‘I’.

Oh wait, saying ‘I’ is probably ripping IP.

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