Timesculpture: 4-Dimensional Video

Watch this video: (link if the embedding doesn’t work)

This advert uses a technique called ‘timesculpture’. There’s an article in the New York Times Year in Ideas 2008.

Simply put, each actor was shot individually doing his / her / its bit. Then those micro-clips were inserted in a loop at different points in the final video.

What i like is the fact that they used regular HD camcorders to record all the individual clips and then stitched them together.
genius, aye? totally. I’ll run out on a limb here and say I won’t be surprised at all if we start seeing amateur video doing things like this. soon.

What I really want to see is timesculpture with an end-product. This video had people doing random acts with the increasing complexity being the point. Actors doing non-random acts to make something in timesclupture, now that is going to be cool.