The Sky is Over…

..and we indulge in our self-righteous suicide. Because Serj said so.

Serj FREAKING Tankian. Musician. Poet. A towering lyricist on a par with Almighty himself (Jim Morrison, not John Lennon) who stands on the cliffs of our reality railing at all that is and makes you yearn for all that could and should be…

see what listening to System of a Down does to you?

I first heard System of a Down in freshman year of college. Watching Shavo Odadjian beady-eyed madness on my tiny dorm room 14-inch TV in the chopsuey! video had a resonance, even back then, with my inner lunatic.

It would be later, over a year after the release of Steal this Album! and with it the significant maturing both in SOAD’s musical complexity and in Serj’s lyrics that I started to get seriously hooked. With the release of hypnotize / mezmerize, System of a Down eventually supplanted EVERYTHING as my core musical sense.

I find it difficult to explain, to articulate the sheer potency of the effect System’s music has on me. In a world where incoherent grunting, the word ‘yeah’ and ‘oh’ repeating in various iterative combinations pass as lyrics; in a world where bands re-unite 25-30+ years after their prime to redefine and renew the music in people’s lives; in a world where money talks, bullshit walks and its more important to sue people than encourage creation…in this world System of a Down connects.

Serj’s wailing-doom-warble, Shavo’s demonic bass guitar built on the elemental fury of Daron Malakian and John Dalamayan tend to overwhelm the listener. initially. But the power and ferocity hide a sublime grace, and ability to make ‘pictures in your mind’, to make you feel the fundamental dissatisfaction at the heart of SOAD’s lyrics, to agree whole-heartedly, atleast for the moment, to stand up, step up, shout out, shout loud, be like SOAD and demand more, better and truer of the world, ourselves and everyone else. This is, to me, what SOAD is all about. They make us care, they break the walls of apathy and make, nay, demand, that we join them in the fun.

I could go on and on. I’ve been writing this post for over an hour with numerous edits and if I’m not careful, I could be here all weekend. I’ll leave you now with a video that inspired (correction: demanded) this post and some lyrics and quotes, to the band that gave a voice to ‘the generation that didn’t agree’.

Unnoficial youtube of Sky is Over, the single from Elect the Dead, Serj’s solo album.


You depend on our protection,

Yet you feed us lies from the table cloth..

Why don’t presidents fight the war? Why do they
always send the poor?

soldier side:

They were crying when their sons left God is
wearing black He’s gone so far to find no hope
he’s never coming back


Walk with me my little child
To the forest of denial
speak with me my only mind
walk with me until the time
and make the forest turn to wine
you take the legend for a fall


I’m just sitting in my room
with a needle in my hand
waiting for the doom
of some old dying man
sitting in my room
with a needle in my hand
waiting for the doom
of some old dying man


Dreaming of screaming Someone kick me out of my
mind I hate these thoughts I can’t deny Dreaming
of screaming Someone kick me out of my mind I
hate these thoughts I can’t de….


We fought your wars with all our hearts.
You sent us back in body parts.
You took our wills with the truth you stole.
We offer prayers for your long lost souls.

Saul Williams on Serj:

Serj’s words, like his voice, have a distinct aesthetic sensibility connected to an unyielding, visceral roar of passion. His capacity ‘to mock a killing bird’ while we wonder at the grace, beauty, and colorful range of his wingspan will be the trademark of both of his singing and writing careers. Serj is an amazing artist, full of passion, with a beautiful heart that pumps the essence of his vision and talent.