Windows 7 – Mediocrity Refined

I didn’t say that. The New York Times did. The article is somewhat ironic to me considering my post a couple of days ago. (Here if you don’t / can’t / won’t scroll down)

I ranted about how Windows 7, like Vista before it, is a claimed ‘improvement’ on the previous version. (I’ll leave you to read my earlier post on what I think of Vista’s success on that front). Neither one is a ‘game-changer’, which in my humble opinion, is something badly needed today.  They way we use computers has changed drastically from 3 years ago, forget a decade. It’s time the paradigm of an OS changed.

The sad thing, the still-dominant (like it or not) player (MS) is unlikely to be the one to do it. As Cringely put it well here over here, MS probably will shrink and focus on enterprise. The signs are already there with the rave reviews on Windows Server 2008, which to me indicates MS’s priorities.

So here’s to hoping the little guys get creative.

Upcoming Posts: My take on Cringely predictions and some cool content on Firefox.