Inception confused the pope too

The Pope recently said that Technology confuses reality and fiction. Now like most people in 2010, I thought he had watched Inception and was questioning which dream-level he was on.

Then I realized he was talking about the use of images. Not carbon nanotubes. Not graphene. Not some new psychobabble or Richard Dawkins work. Pictures.

Then I realized this speech was at an event organized by the ‘Pontifical Council for Social Communications’, a group charged with spreading the Gospel through the media.

Irony? Hilarity? Both? No idea.

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The Irony Gods have spoken

One hand giveth, the other hand taketh away.

Facebook really wants to protect your identity. Logging on from a shared / public computer? You can now get Facebook to send you a one-time password to use.

How do you do this? Make sure they have your contact information. Har Har Har.