IE8 Released, Hacked

“IE8 gets people to the information they need, fast, and provides protection that no other browser can match.”

So says Steve Ballmer, at the full public release of Internet Explorer 8.

But he made the mistake of releasing it during PwnToOwn 2009. Some guy called “Nils” took down both IE8 and Mozilla.

Even with the double-whammy and singular pleasure of taking down a browser the same day that its released, “Nils” was pipped by our friend from last year, Charlie Miller. SECONDS into the start of PwnToOwn, and he takes down Safari/Mac with a single malicious link, taking control of the Macbook. Now he does have to relinquish control since he owns it. literally.

So its the same old, same old. Apple is thrashed, Windows is clubbed, and Open-Source escapes with a black eye.

Mobile OSs still to come on PwnToOwn. Watch this space.