The Bridge over Everywhere is a blog on topics interesting to Aditya, the author.

An Information Technology Consultant by trade, Aditya also rents out a castle in the sky to store his fiction and digital art. When he’s not slaloming through bombay crowds or the vagaries of corporate life, Aditya is blogging, attempting to self-teach himself the guitar a la Eddie Van Halen, read every piece of literature written and prowling the blogosphere. Real human social activities include getting drunk, hitting the gym, spending money to ward of boredom and generally fitting in (and failing).

Aditya’s interests are as varied and odd as the numerous voices in his head. They include science fiction, noir,  digital art, pshychology, cognition, an obsessive compulsive worship of football, UFC, music and wordplay. His intellectual interests include Cloud Computing, Social Media, Human-Computer Interaction, AI, Neural Networks and Information Security, Mergers and Acquisitions, economics, philosophy, theoretical physics, Chaos theory and evolutionary biology.

Aditya holds a degree in Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech. Not that he remembers anything now.

Aditya has a large and discontinous internet identity and likes to protect his personal life from fellow internet trolls. The best way to reach him (if you’re reading this) is to drop a comment on the blog.


One response to “About

  1. Hey,

    Of late I was pondering, that if one had a wide range of interests than how is it possible for an individual to do justice to if not all, at least most of them..
    I am an Engineering student, (have no idea what engineering means) , but have wide range of interests ranging from photography,history, wildlife(specially migration studies) , evolutionary biology , but I fail to do justice to any of these…with year after year new resolutions of not failing in giving my interests a creative form but end of it the story remains the same.I am, asking you this, because you seem to have a wide range of interests…how do you do justice to the interests??

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