It’s always a cow’s opinion

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I’m plowing through a class on ‘Global Economics’ at Business School nowadays. A euphemism for a class on Macro-economics for Managers, aka How to interpret complicated Economic Times / Financial Times / Economist articles and make sense of really. really, really, smart guys. I am being uncharitable of course, the class is a lot more than that; but the immediate marginal benefit (see what I mean) is being able to make sense of the economic-goings-on in the world and no longer have a ‘whaaat?’ expression on one’s face when reading Mankiw.

Of course, macro-economics cannot be complete without some Cow jokes. They proliferate like randy heifers in mating season, with nary a thought towards political correctness, good taste and most certainly not the vaguest political sense. This latest wave of cow’s opinions (to channel the Joey gene, present in us all) instigated this post, a collection of the higher epic-hilarity rated cows jokes I’ve come across.

To begin, the latest are some gems from a link I received recently:

You have two cows. Syria claims ownership over them. You take them abroad and start successful cattle farms in Africa, Australia, and Latin America. You send the proceeds back home so your relatives can afford cosmetic surgery and Mercedes-Benzes.

Hosni Mubarak’s Egypt
You have 10 cows. Neglect to tend to them, but prevent them from fighting Israel in order to get milk from America.

Post-Mubarak Egypt
You have 10 cows who think they now own the farm. There’s still no milk.

You have two bulls. Pretend they are helpless calves.

The next set are a series of jokes / images authored by the Economic Times, which I am unfortunately unable to find on the first page of Google (the marginal cost of checking page 2 tends to infinity). These went viral on corporate emails and other places a few years ago, and now appear to have proliferated everywhere. Except at the Economic Times website itself. Of course. Anymoo, with no further udder:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My personal favorites are Citigroup and our beloved Tatagroup. 🙂

Of course, the nature of a virus is to mutate. This is another hilarious take on the cow idea, but with dishwashing courtesy ThePaperWall: (clickage for FULL size)

Whats your ism?

Thats all folks.


One response to “It’s always a cow’s opinion

  1. The immediate marginal benefit in more ways than one, is a mirage – it drives me, the stroll becomes a scamper and before I know it, I am well past that 5th edition which had promised an enriching exchange on the exchange rate determination. Guess what – the “Whaat?” stays unwiped.
    Lets hope that in the longer term(I refrain from using “long term” for obvious reasons, pointed out so succinctly by the Prof in Edition 4 of GLEC), I do manage to keep my head on my shoulders and eyes on that oasis – don’t want to overrun it this time round; no piggyback rides at ISB.

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