Polishing my Green Lantern Lantern

Am I the only one giddy with excitement about the coming Green Lantern movie?

I was initially skeptical of Ryan Reynolds (he was Van Wilder) playing Hal Jordan, since I didn’t think even he had enough California braggadacio to play Hal Jordan.

Now looking at this picture, I’ll say this. He looks the part. I’m quite pleased with the faithfulness of the uniform to the ’60s original. The film is stated to be an ‘origin’ film, and the uniform is quite faithful to Hal Jordan’s uniform in GL V2 from the 60s (albeit with a little Kyle Rayner GL Ion inspired ‘modernization’).

Hal Jordan, back in the Day:

GL Classic

In Brightest Day!

Hal Jordan, Live!:

Hal Jordan in the movie

The GL uniform is quite central to the entire mythos, and jazzing it up would have had some implications for future appearance of Rayner, Ion, Parallax and even Guy Gardner. I’m personally quite glad they haven’t messed around too much with it.

Other much-awaited names appearing in the movie:

  1. Abin Sur
  2. Carol Ferris (of course. Played by the lovely Blake Lively, of course)
  3. Tomar-Re (now this is going to be EPIC.)



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