Panda Pando Pandora!!

Terminator. Judgement Day. Abyss. Titanic. Aliens.

Like him or hate him, i think its quite unarguable that pretty much every movie James Cameron makes merits the descriptive term EPIC.

The same goes for his latest EPIC epic – Avatar. I’m sure reams and e-tomes have been written about how awesome (or not) Avatar is, so I’m not going be excessively verbose. Suffice to say that I am a true believer (obscure literary reference – I wonder how many people would get that).

What I find much more interesting is what I presume to be a major inspiration for the movie.


A central theme to Pandora is the interconnected biodiversity of the planet – Pandora. The ‘link’ between all life on Pandora forms the basis for the ‘why’ of the switching of sides, the transmigration of souls, and of course, the EPIC battle.

Well, here is something very interesting.

I came across Pando quite coincidentally while wikipedia-ing for largest organisms. (instigated by an argument of how much larger an elephant seal is compared to a Polar Bear).

Cool facts:

The clonal colony encompasses 43 hectares (107 acres) and has around 47,000 stems, which continually die and are renewed by its roots. Many of the stems are connected by its root system. The average age of Pando’s trunks (or technically, stems) is 130 years, as deciphered by tree rings.

The root system of Pando is claimed by some to be among the oldest known living organisms in existence at 80,000 years of age

In my humble opinion, it is quite incredible how James Cameron managed to go from this:


to THIS:





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