What’s in a name? What’s in a Game?

Creativity. Kree-aayy-tiv-itee. Say it out. Taste the word and all the wonderful positive connotations it contains. English is a delightfully contextual language, and the connotation of most words and phrases depends on context.



Yeah? riiite…

Yeah!! Right!!




Creativity isn’t like that. It’s always nice. You can make the most epically dull clod on this mudball feel just a little bit more jolly by call him/her/it creative. Even if said dull clod can’t find a rational basis for being called creative..

Once upon a time, being creative also meant being broke. It meant being an artist, a writer, a musician or something equally ‘liberal’. Of course, since there can only be one Frank Sinatra in a century (and one Lady Gaga in a millenium), most Creatives didn’t hit Broadway.

Not any more. Now everyone can be creative. And with the internets, PROFIT. Now Creatives can make ipods, ads for ipods, apps for ipods, pods for ipods, … I can’t think of any more.

Oh wait, games for ipods. Which leads me to the point of this post.

Video games are awesome. and amazingly creative. Notably, of course is the epically awesome World of Goo.

But what the hell is up with the names. Do video game makers burn out all their creativity making the games and then just not have anything left when it’s time to name the game. What kind of name is World of Goo?

Don’t even get me started on the various military games. Call of Duty. Medal of Honor. Brothers in Arms. Black Ops. Gears of War. Defcon-something-or-the-other. Yes. We get it.

I’m positively biased towards RTS games, and considering that the most popular ones come from 2 franchises – Command and Conquer and Red Alert, it’s slightly lame to call them on repeating the names.

Prince of Persia. Dangerous Dave. Donkey Kong. ASTEROIDS. Even grandpappa DOOM. A little bit of mystery, a little bit of enticement. A lot of genius. Miss the days. Now I can hear the name of a game and say “its a <insert genre-defining game name here> clone. ”

Anyway, Happy New Year, and here’s to hearing more creative game names this year.

I would hope for more creative games too, but I’ve given up now.



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