Better use for your cellphone camera: Lilliput-scale animated films

Wallace and Gromit

Righ' Ho Luv! Just a wee bit o' milk, nae sugah with me 'ot wa'er..

Remember these guys? Before Futurama, before Southpark, almost before even the Simpsons (a matter of eight days), there was Wallace. and Gromit. The ever-lovable ‘propah’ British chap and his ever-lovable mutt.

Anyway, I’m digressing. The makers of Wallace and Gromit – Award Winning UK Animation House Aardman Animations, have taken;

a) 1 regulation Nokia N8 mobile phone with standard Nokia completely-useless 12MP camera

b) 1 never-regulation, super-cool Cellscope microsopic lens

and crafted the world’s smallest-scale stop-motion animated film:

The girl, called ‘Dot’, is 9 millimeters high.

Watch the ‘making of’ video, which is actually more interesting than the film itself:

This is the second amazing video I’ve come across made from basic consumer electronics. Toshiba’s timesculpture was the other, and still one of the most amazing videos I’ve seen.

While the video is obviously a good plug for the N8, it is even more so an attention-grabber for the Cellscope Lens. Designed at Berkeley, the lens is intended to be mated with a cellphone and used for medical analysis out in the field, far away from laboratory facilities.

More here:

Via betanews and techradar .

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