Minecraft. The final frontier?

Minecraft sounds like a pretty cool game. It’s still in development and I haven’t played it yet, mind you, (too busy with Supreme Commander Dawn of War 2 right now), but as a apparent cross between World of Goo (which is totally awesomesawce) and RollerCoaster Tycoon (will the real legend please stand up?), it is quite the shoo-in on my to-play list.

It’s so much easier to maintain a to-play list than a to-do list.

Minecraft currently comes in two versions. Alpha and Classic. Alpha has a pretty interesting play gambit, of making players build defensive structures during the ‘day’ which are attacked by mobs at ‘night’.

Classic, like World of Goo, sounds initially underwhelming. It’s a superset of Alpha, with the survival mode of the latter, but with also a freewheeling mode of build-whatever-you want.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this post (other than finally having a reasonably leisurely weekend) is this video:

While I would have normally expected people to build, well, simple structures,. this completely blew my mind. It’s only on a second viewing that I realized that the Enterprise is LIFE-SIZE!!!

Ars Technica led me to this gem, and they have a nice write-up on how the Enterprise was made. If you, like me, was expecting this to be a tedious block-by-block Pyramids-of-Giza scale effort, you’re wrong. The method is a lot smarter than that, with some very clever use of Google Sketchup (more on that later, once I gleefully try it out) and my ole’ buddy Gimp.

New addition to my to-play list: Minecraft.

New addition to my to-do list: Build something EPIC on Minecraft. (I’m thinking the QE2).


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