Step Off!!

“We pledge allegiance to the Band”.

I’m just watching School of Rock. While I would not call myself anything resembling a fan of Jack Black, his rotund-rocker persona works a charm on this film, which claws its way from the mediocrity the tedious acting of the rest of the cast would consign it to to nothing less than a homage to Rock ‘n Roll and a film with impact.

Led Zeppelin. Black Sabbath. Blondie. Black Sabbath. Deep Purple. Stevie Nicks. A lot of subtle Meatloaf influence in Jack Black’s own improvisations. For a student of rock, this film is like a the Grand Tour of the Great Gig in the Sky, a ride on the Great Big Ball of Fire, and a sight of the Dark Side of the Moon.

It’s a surprisingly unknown movie, so this is my shameless plug for it. Go watch it.


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