Remember that huge book?

The dark covered one? The one which none of us ever owned but looked at with awe in libraries? The one whose ‘concise’ version at 2000 pages graced many of our homes? This one:

Oxford English Dictionary

Any Last Words?

According to the internets, Oxford  University Press, the publishers of the dictionary are considering discontinuing the physical book. This of course applies to the Oxford English Dictionary, the 21-volume, 21000 page full size dictionary, published in only 2 editions in the last century, and for which work on the 3rd edition carries on. While unverified, my guess is that you can still pick up your own single-volume tome of the Oxford Dictionary of English or the Concise Oxford English Dictionary.

So if you’re own of those who just happens to own a complete set, either shoot into space, bury it in a time capsule for our descendants or give it to Smithsonian. It will become a relic.

(note that I’m not going to suggest auctioning it, since that implies the existence of potential buyers. I don’t believe that)


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