We are many. We photograph?

I am not talking about the blog or even the demon. I’m talking specifically about this website I came across a few weeks ago and about photography in general.

I’ve always had a high appreciation for good photography, and surfing photos on the internet is like being a teenager in a porn library. (is there such a thing?). There are never-ending wonders to be discovered, endless wonders just around the corner. One gripe I’ve always had is an inability to find many superb photos in place. easily. There are enough and more photography hosting sites around, photobucket and flickr of course being notables. But attempting to, bluntly put, separate the wheat from the chaff and easily find lots of fantastic photos to go crazy over has always been a challenge.

Well, until now. Fiveprime is the home page of some guy called Nathan Siemers. A person of seemingly broad interests, my attention is focused on his Hive Mind engine. I came across Hive Mind during some random googling and it has turned out to be a veritable akshayapatra of amazing photography. I don’t claim to understand how it does what it does, but it does it very very well. It appears to be able to consistently dig up some absolutely incredible photographs.

Another cool feature is being able to view the photostream of a specific user in Hive Mind’s “skin”. My own flickr account becomes – http://fiveprime.org/hivemind/User/tenthousandsouls.

enough talk. go enjoy. I certainly am.


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