Why is the Kindle not like a book?

I’ve been wondering this for a while now. The Kindle, and others of its ilk, are sleek futuristic, apple-white (generally) devices that enable a very fundamentally simple activity.

Reading. A book.

So why isn’t the form factor of the Kindle more like the non-electronic contraption its designed to replace? Don’t get me wrong, I love its looks, but all the images I can find of the Kindle, like this:


Get a Grip!

or this:


Handle with care!

show the reader holding on with a very gentle caress. It certainly does not seem conducive to a nice firm grip while lying in bed and almost dozing off. Perhaps the Kindle DX could have been a nice solid folding gadget with a spine and knuckle-rests to grip it by, the way any true reading device is meant to be?

Now I’m too poverty-stricken to buy my own, so I’d love it if someone were to refute my impression. Or if Amazon could make a folding Kindle 3.Particularly considering how nicely they imitated paper.

Old school can be good school sometimes. Just saying.


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