Deloitte Football Money League 2010

The Annual Deloitte Football Money League was released yesterday. The report catalogues the biggest earners in football across the European “Big 5” leagues, i.e. – The Premiership, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1.

There are never any real surprises, with the most successful European clubs of the year vying for the top spots with the clubs with the most marketed names in Asia.  The premiership (TV revenue) and the Bundesliga (sold out stadiums) tends to dominate the rest of the rankings.

So, no surprise, the top 20:

  1. Real Madrid
  2. Barcelona
  3. Manchester United
  4. Bayern Munich
  5. Arsenal
  6. Chelsea
  7. Liverpool
  8. Juventus
  9. Inter
  10. Milan
  11. Hamburg S.V
  12. AS Roma
  13. Olympique Lyonnais
  14. Olympique de Marseille
  15. Tottenham Hotspur
  16. Shalke
  17. Werder Bremen
  18. Borussia Dortmund
  19. Manchester City
  20. Newcastle United

Points of Note – Real Madrid is the first ever sports team to cross $400 million in revenue.  Arsenal is back in the top 5 after several years.

The report only looks at revenue as stated by each club, and not the overall health of the balance sheet. Real Madrid, the favorite whipping boy of the press for irresponsible spending, is quite financially stable compared to some of the big spenders of the Premiership, notably Manchester United and Chelsea, both of whom owe significant sums to their respective owners. Liga clubs are owned by the rough equivalent of a Fans’ Assocation. Numbers when I can dig out some recent ones.


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