Sony Fantasy Festival – The Emperor’s new clothes

Sony and launched a “Fantasy Music Festival” recently.

A conceptual rip of the good ole’ cult-status Fantasy Football run by / participated in by just about every bladder-following sentient and their dog, this one expects you to pick a list of bands to make a lineup for a fantasy music festival.  It’s quite easy to initially think this is a make-your-own-supergroup thing, but its not.

Scoring is a nice opaque only-Sony-knows-how thing called “buzz”, which has some connection to the amount of talk about the group online. (Are they watching t3h t0rrentz?? o_O). Here’s the official blarb:

“We calculate *Buzz points by working out the amount of plays your acts get on and, by using Yahoo! data, how many mentions they get on blogs or social networking sites like Twitter”

And whoever created the page for adding bands needs to lookup the concept of “user-friendly”.

So all in all, what this achieves is:

1. More inactive members on (oh yeah, you need a ID for this)

2. More emails to send spam to. (Apparently you should not end a sentence with a conjunction. Feel free to append a swear-word of your choice to the end of the sentence)

3. Kanye West ends up on every list.

Link courtesy RubbishCorp, which is a really good site.


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