Sunday Linkdump

I’ve not been posting very frequently this last month. There have been numerous reasons, all of them remarkably stressful. I, of course, am too manly to unload tales of woe on my blog and thus turn this into. well, a diary. eww.

anyway, I’ll slowly ramp back up to mightier than ever.For now, LIIIIINNNNKKKDUUUMP!!!

I’ve been wanting to post about this for some time. I come across a lot of seriously amazing images as a i trawl the ‘net, and visualizeus has turned into an ideal way to save them all. (without the pain of downloading them). A handy (if annoyingly slow on the download) firefox extension makes things easy.

Shaun Wolfe via FastCompany. witty, my Dear Watson.

Intel just ranked their processors. Nice and useful for people who dont want to care about FSBs, L2 cache and overclocking. My late-2006 personal laptop with a Core 2 Duo gets 3 stars. My newer work laptop running a single core celeron (a vintage piece with .5 mb L2 cache) gets 1 star. Now guess which one is running Vista. (Hint: its not both, and I’ve mentioned this before on this blog).

Elections are coming up in India. Politicians have gone berserk wooing the illiterate masses who overwhelmingly outnumber smart people. (note: this is a global phenomenon and not restricted to India). I will not be voting. I know there are a lot of ‘get-out-the-vote’ esque campaigns running across the country, i know the usual arguments about not having the right to complain if i dont vote when the time comes blah blah, I know the national-duty argument yadda yadda….but the vote is a powerful thing. It signifies support and agreement. It takes a stand. Not voting is not so much as apathy as taking a stand against everyone. That’s what I’m doing. I will vote when I come across someone worth voting for.

I’m very interested in the latest Cognitive Daily’s Casual Friday.


2 responses to “Sunday Linkdump

  1. I hope you realize that the indian constitution allows you to vote for ‘no suitable candidate’ instead of needing to abstain from voting entirely with that pretext.

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