I wrote about these guys before

Aviary is up to tricks again. As Techcrunch writes, the maker of browser-based design applications, notably Raven and Phoenix, is now getting its talons into sound with the acquisition of Digimix, a browser-based audio editor developer.

As I’ve said before, there’s a yawning gap / niche between the horror of free tools like Gimp and MsPaint and fully-loaded enterprise-level tools like Photoshop, Illy and Final Cut Pro (to name a few) and Aviary are starting to more and more look the part for filling that niche.

They have a large collection of ideas here. While I am suitably impressed by their ambition, I do have a couple of reservations.

Both Raven and Phoenix, as well as Myna; have great potential as mentioned earlier, they fill a fairly important niche between bad, hard-to-learn, free tools and very good, harder-to-learn, really-expensive tools. However,  tools like Tern will be going up against the very good, popular and free Terragen. Penguin will be battling against super-established players like Google Docs and even (being free) OpenOffice. I wish them well, but I frankly am not that hopeful. I’d rather see them focus more on Raven, Phoenix, Myna and a few others where they really have room to grow.

Another concern I have is that some of the things they are trying to do, like terrain generation and video, are fairly data and processing-intensive. I’m curious to know where Aviary is going to be doing all the processing (server/client) and manage all that data transfer without killing usability. too much. Anyhoo, good luck to them. Hope they succeed.


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