I r photoshoppin’

well…not really. Atleast not on Adobe Photshop (or cheaper equivalent).

I discovered this wonderful little website via TechCrunch.

I’ve used the free photo editor that Adobe offered about a year+ on their site and from a serious art PoV, I was decidedly unimpressed. To be fair, its targeted at more casual users touching up vacation photos and not at artists (even wannabe ones like me).

Provided you have a good internet connection, it fills a niche which, imo, is still vacant. Its a good tool between full-on hardcore an expensive desktop apps like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter and free junk like mspaint and paint.net. The only comparable app (i.e. free and powerful) that i know of is GIMP, which is tear-out-yer-eyeballs awkward to use.


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