Deloitte Football Money League 2009

Get it here. (Note: 2+ MB file and requires registration (a quick one).)

Real Madrid retains top spot. As a Real Madrid supporter, this is good.

Contrary to conventional wisdom, the world’s 2 ‘richest’ clubs – Chelsea and Manchester City are not the world’s richest clubs. Their owners are the world’s 2 richest football club owners. The 110 million GBP that chelsea ‘spent’ in a summer? They didn’t spend it. Roman Abramovich did. Chelsea owe Roman that money.

The top 10 in revenue:

  1. Real Madrid
  2. Manure
  3. Barca
  4. Bayern Munich (not a surprise considering Bundesliga’s high attendances)
  5. Chelski
  6. Arse
  7. ‘Pool
  8. Milan
  9. Roma
  10. Inter

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