its weird how you find the weirdest sites in the wierdest ways..

I was doing work. really. I was working on a publication and was doing research. Instead of finding nice citable source, (don’t worry, I DETEST MLA format. I’m not a freak) I find this. I’m think I’m going to have to cut myself so I have a distraction and stop reading this. I just cannot stop laughing.

Some excerpts:

I, The Prime Minister of India (a.k.a Pradhan Mantri), for the Indians who are rich, sexy and nerdy, blog here! Rest can watch TV! This is a log of the nation in Hypertext Marked Lies. It will show lies in any of the popular, unpopular or controversial browsers. Designed to not meet your expectation. Updated Daily when updated! I never miss reading this myself! Enjoy!”

hear, hear Pradhan Mantriji!! Your lies work on my browser too!

I, as a Congressman Secular Sardarji Economist Prime Minister, have managed to set up a caste system for terror victims in India.”

Read the rest of the post for the epic lulz.

“100 % consensus at the all party meeting today.”

Theoretical impossibilities ftw.


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